The final version of WinRAR 5.80 is ready to download!

The latest WinRAR release features enhancements of backup options, increased usability of the command-line modus and improvements in compression of large files and in the handling of big data. Berlin, December 11th, 2019:...[more]


WinRAR 5.80 Beta 4 released

Bugs fixed:   if hard link was extracted over existing hard link with same name, WinRAR could fail to properly set its file attributes; ...[more]


WinRAR 5.80 Beta 3 released

"Export settings to file" command in "Options" menu saves both HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\WinRAR and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WinRAR Registry data to Settings.reg, so user defined...[more]


WinRAR 5.80 Beta 2 released

"Find files" and command line mode "i" commands:   if "Use all tables" option or "t" modifer of "i" command are used, additionally to...[more]


WinRAR 5.80 Beta 1 released

"Preserve source files last access time" option on "Time" page of archiving dialog permits to preserve the original last access time of archiving files.   ...[more]


The final version of WinRAR 5.71 is ready for download!

"Convert archives" command:   improved performance when processing a lot of small archives in Windows 10;   ...[more]


WinRAR 5.71 Beta 2 released

Master password processing:   if password stored in compression profile is protected with master password and user entered a wrong master...[more]

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