Lost Key

Get your WinRAR key on CD

If you have lost your WinRAR key, we can resend it to you on a CD which you can store in a safe place. Click here to get your personalized key on a CD for 11.99 only!


Get your WinRAR key via e-mail

We can also resend you your WinRAR key via e-mail. Just write to support(at)winrar.ca and provide us with as much data about your old registration as you can. Please send us:

- the date when you registered

- your name

- company

- address

- the string that appeared in your registration (av-code).

Please also let us know where you purchased your license(s) (name of the website/shop) and how you paid for them (e.g. credit card, money transfer). In order to help us retrieve your license information please send us any old e-mail or mailing address(es) you may have used at the time you purchased WinRAR.

Please note that your data will be checked against our users database, so it is senseless to send fake key info produced by different "key generators".

We will check your registration as soon as possible!